Some of my made favorite photos. Use them as you wish, enjoy ! :) Most of the panoramas here are done using Hugin . HDR editing done using Qtpfsgui . Some of the effects and editing also done in Darktable and Gimp

==> 4 seasons - Estonia, Kadriorg park

==> Spain

==> Tallinn, Estonia

==> bugs

2011.05, south Estonia
(2506x720, 1253x360)

2012.01.08, north Estonia illuminated by moon
(3790x1497, 1895x748, 947x374)

2012.05.01, Jägala waterfall, Estonia
(1079x1423, 539x711)

2013.10.20, near Keila Joa waterfall, Estonia
(3656x1813, 1828x906, 914x453)

2014.07.11, South Estonia
(2233x1040, 1116x520)

2017.05.27, Ship at the Baltic sea
(2253x1689, 1126x844)

2017.11.12, Estonia forest
(2304x1728, 1152x864)

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