Mostly collection of cool art performances like singing and dancing with some exceptions. Mostly filmed by me or my friends.

/ AI generated music and songs

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Following songs are entirely AI generated.

Atom Bomb Boogie.mp3   (1670 KiB)

Atom Bomb Boogie.txt   (622 b)

Embrace of Emacs.mp3   (1258 KiB)

Nutty Squirrels.mp3   (1502 KiB)

Ode to Oulu (Finland).mp3   (2653 KiB)

Radiation Blues.mp3   (2579 KiB)

The Mayo Pizza Man.mp3   (2013 KiB)

Vindoliino the Funky Hamster.mp3   (2127 KiB)

Адель.mp3   (3993 KiB)

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