Some of my made favorite photos. Use them as you wish, enjoy ! :) Most of the panoramas here are done using Hugin . HDR editing done using Qtpfsgui . Some of the effects and editing also done in Darktable and Gimp

/ Estonia / Tallinn

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0, Solaris and Estonia Theater
(2000x648, 1000x324)

Kesklinn, 2
(1590x687, 795x343)

Kesklinn, 4
(2000x1216, 1000x608)

Kesklinn, 5
(2000x1324, 1000x662)

Kesklinn, 6
(2000x1298, 1000x649)

(2000x1243, 1000x621)

(2000x1062, 1000x531)

(1758x880, 879x440)

Saku Suurhall
(2000x970, 1000x485)

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