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Paintings by Lia Arand.

Official homepage

She paints and sells original paintings.

Lia Arand - Child portrait (55x46, canvas, oil, 2012)
(2500x3009, 1250x1504, 625x752)

Lia Arand - Crane (60x90, canvas, oil, 2014)
(2800x1856, 1400x928, 700x464)

Lia Arand - Fat Margaretha (60x90, canvas, oil, 2014)
(2600x1739, 1300x869, 650x434)

Lia Arand - Hiiumaa, Estonia (90x60, canvas, oil, 2014)
(2930x4420, 1465x2210, 732x1105)

Lia Arand - Iris flowers (50x60, canvas, oil, 2014)
(4000x3336, 2000x1668, 1000x834)

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